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"Giving Tuesday"

Today is Giving Tuesday. Since many of you are participating in our major fundraiser, the Candy Cane Stroll, this Saturday, December 3rd, at Triangle Town Center, we didn’t want to ask for another donation today.

However, if you are not participating in the Candy Cane Stroll, would you consider a donation of any denomination to help us defray our costs and continue to serve the senior population? As you may know, we never charge for our services and depend solely on donations from individuals, churches and businesses and on “fun”draising events such as the Candy Cane Stroll.

ALL of us are volunteers. Perhaps you would be willing to give of your time as we approach the New Year. We would love to get to know you better as we work together “bridging the gap” between young and old, and putting a smile on everyone’s face!

You can go to the donation page to make a donation or email us at if you would like to receive more information about giving of your time.

Thank you. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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