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Board of Directors

Bowen, Don
Cohlmia, Anna
Eley, Michael
Farley, Kevin
Hancock, Robert
Lewis, Tabitha
Maddux II, Phillip
McMahon, Tom
Rodney, Mary Etta
Smith, Virginia
Stipp, Karina
Timmons, Barbara
Torain, Micaela


Kevin Farley

Board Member

By day, Kevin Farley can be found writing software, most often on Linux and embedded systems. At other times he writes fantasy, science fiction, and eclectic novels from his home in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He was born deep in the coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Kevin has five adult children and one mini-me teenager at home.

Even as a single parent raising a teen daughter, he finds the time to write his books, volunteer for his church, and volunteer to wrangle the IT problems for a local animal hospital. 

The Senior Network Board Member

Virginia Smith

Board Member

Virginia is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is an adjunct nursing instructor at ECPI.  She enjoys reading (especially biographies), cross-stitch embroidery, and collecting demitasse spoons. She serves as Chairman of the Board and assists with transportation needs, ticket sales, and recruitment of volunteers.

Tabitha Lewis

Board Member

Tabitha Lewis is the Owner and Founder of THL Ultimate Solutions, Your #1 Source for Tax Solutions. She is a professional tax advisor who has become a tax business specialist helping business owners understand their bottom line and bring awareness to their tax and accounting status in order to gain better cash flow. Tabitha is also a transformational leader in her community and beyond teaching various tax strategies and benefits.

The Senior Network Board Member
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