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The Senior Network Entertainers

Algia Motley, Jr.
Professional Entertainer

Algia sings the hits for all audiences and occasions.
As a teenager, he appeared regularly on the “Ace Anderson’s” Sunday morning gospel television show, Selma, Alabama, 1966. His gospel group quartet appeared at the famous “Apollo Theater,” New York City, November 1973. He was a recording artist for Enjoy Records 1979-80, and made two appearances on the Joe Franklin televised talk show in New York City that year. 
Algia, now, is mostly a solo artist. He has provided live entertainment for parties and weddings at the “Tavern on the Green,” Central Park, and the “Waldorf Astoria,” New York City.
Following are a few of the many wonderful quotes Algia has enjoyed from places he has performed:
"Algia has devoted himself and his talents to making a difference in the lives of so many elderly people. He sings romantically to the ladies; he sparks beautiful memories and raises spirits sky-high. It is magical to watch him transform a room full of lonely, older people into an audience of senior adults who feel young, sexy and alive. He just keeps getting better and better! "
"Algia is a singer/entertainer with a voice of an angel, handsome looks, and a smile to die for. Anyone who has been a part of his audience agrees that, not only does he have the most magnificent singing voice, but he’s also a warm and very charming gentleman. He sings with his eyes and his heart, making every person connect with him. His talents can best be described as a gift."
The Senior Network agrees with all of the above and gives Algia credit for putting together and being the Master of Ceremonies at the very first "April Love" Senior Talent Show in April 2022.  He has performed at so many of TSN's monthly events and continues to be available on occasion.

Nellie Yancey

Having taken piano lessons from the sixth to eighth grades, Nellie plays both by ear and reading notes.  She was raised on Gospel music and loves the blues and going to bluegrass concerts.  Nellie performed at The Senior Network's first "April Love" Senior Talent Show in April of 2022 and plays at many of TSN's local events.
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