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 About Us

Did you know that there are over 3,000 seniors living in the Wake Forest area? Did you know that a large number of these seniors are lonely and in need of support? Many of these seniors, even those with family nearby, are unable to find assistance with various tasks. More times than not, they are left unable to enjoy various aspects of their lives, due to a lack of support from their local community.

As we all get older, we cannot always achieve things we used to be able to accomplish. The Senior Network, knowing this, is ready to step in and help fulfill the need. Even if that need is simply senior community or a sense of fellowship, we are waiting with arms wide open.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with The Senior Network today, allowing us the opportunity and joy to grow with you in this wonderful phase of life! Help us serve you and the senior citizen community here and around the world!

Meet The Senior Network's Board

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Senior Network finds and fulfills the needs of seniors citizens from all backgrounds and walks of life. The non-profit organization strives to create friendships and close bonds, enriching the lives of all involved.

Elderly Woman Smiling
Care for Elderly Woman

Our Vision

To meet a need or wish of a senior in our local community, make a friend, and share with seniors around the world.

The Senior Network Needs Your Support!

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