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March 2023 Newsletter


A Publication of The Senior Network

March 2023

Golden Nuggets:

Often March is considered a transitional month from one season to another. It tends to be a time when we are tired of paying off our holiday debts and looking forward to going on vacations, which will create even more bills. Anticipating that something better will come along soon, we are in a period of inactivity…. a time of waiting comes over us.

However, we should look to the name of this month. It is March. Like soldiers we should not be waiting, but actively moving forward. When we move ahead, we grow, we become stronger and we are much happier because we seem to have a purpose. There is a spring in our step because we are heading toward an obtainable goal. What that goal is can be different for each of us and our goal can even change, but we spring into action.

In Exodus 14:15 it states: “The Lord said to Moses, Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.” This activity is healthy.

So, in this month let us move more like soldiers and MARCH forward, knowing this movement will bring a sense of happiness and contentment to us.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Remember When….

In 1957 the Boeing 707-120 debuts as the world’s first successful commercial jet airliner ushering in the era of accessible mass air travel known as The Jet Age. The four-engine plane carried 181 passengers and cruised at 600 mph and could travel up to 5,280 miles on a full tank.

Humor Me…

A traveling salesman, caught in a torrential rainstorm, stopped overnight at a farmhouse. In the morning, he looked out on a flood coursing through the front yard. He watched pieces of fence, chicken coops, branches, and an old straw hat floating past with the current. Then he saw the straw hat come back, upstream past the house! Then he saw it go down again. Pretty soon it came back upstream—and by now the salesman wondered if he had gone crazy. Finally, he called the farmer’s daughter.

“Oh,” she said, after a glance out the window, “that must be Grandpa. He said yesterday that in spite of high water he was going to mow the yard today.”

Who’d Thunk

In 1956, Wilson Greatbatch grabs the wrong resistor and connects it to a device he is building to record heartbeats. When the circuit emits a pulse, he realizes the device can be used to control the beat. In 1960 the first Pacemaker is successfully implanted in a human.


*Monday, March 20th, 11 AM

Rolesville Community Center

504 Southtown Circle, Rolesville

Special Feature is Ronea Smith from READY SET PAINT

*Monday, March 27th, 10:30 AM

The Lodge

1151 South Main Street

Wake Forest

Jill Bright presents

“Important Final Gift

To Your Family”

There is no charge for the above events! Live Music, Door Prizes, Favors for ALL!

2nd Annual “April Love” Senior Talent Show. Saturday, April 15th, 7 PM at the Renaissance in Wake Forest. Tickets: $20.00

2nd Annual “Candy Cane Stroll”. Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, Triangle Town Center, Raleigh.



Vivian Jones

Mayor of Wake Forest

Mayor Jones was born and raised in Randolph County, North Carolina and moved to Wake Forest in 1981. She and her sister, Jonnie, opened up “Jovi’s Kitchen and Market” in 1991 and served the community with wonderful food and had a successful catering business. She and Jonnie have lived together for over thirty years.

Although Mayor Jones strives to help those in the community and stays involved in what is going on, she takes pride in her son and daughter and three grandchildren.

Mayor Jones is dedicated to addressing common issues that face cities and towns. She became a Commissioner in Wake Forest in 1991 and the mayor in 2001. She is the longest serving mayor in Wake County, having been elected six consecutive times.

Mayor Jones has been a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church for over twenty years. Her hobby: she loves working on puzzles.

Mayor Ronnie Currin of Rolesville will join Mayor Vivian Jones as they take the role of Master and Mistress of Ceremonies for “April Love” Senior Talent Show on April 15th at the Renaissance in Wake Forest.

Tickets for the Talent Show are $20.00 and can be purchased on our website, Or send a check made out to The Senior Network to

The Senior Network

300 Southtown Circle

Rolesville, North Carolina 27571.

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