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September Newsletter 2022


A Publication of The Senior Network

September 2022

Remember When…..

In 1973 the first reality television show, The American Family, was popular?

Who’d A Thunk:

That the first social media was actually started during the late 16th century?

That physical copies of books were passed around and known as “friendship books”?

Humor Me:

A little girl climbed up onto her grandfather’s lap and asked, “Did God make me?” “Yes,” the grandpa replied. “Did he make you, too?” “Yes.” “Well,” the girl said, looking at his wrinkles a

nd thinning hair, “he sure is doing a better job nowadays!”

Golden Nuggets:]78

J7In “September Song”, Frank Sinatra sang that “the days grow short when you reach September. When the autumn weather turns the leav

es to flame, one hasn’t time for the waiting game.” This certainly is true.

Most songs that mention the month of September are referring to the waning years of a person’s life. To me that seems to put people over sixty on a shelf, waiting for their lives to end. However, as Frank sang it so well, we do not have time for a waiting game. We should be using our time (whether a little or a lot) to be active and engaged with all of life. Now is NOT the time to sit down and wait.

Get out there in the world. Everyone has an enormous amount of experiences to share. We should think about the past; look forward to the future; AND ENJOY the present!

Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Just as Frank sang in another of his hit songs, “The September of My Years”, let’s make this autumn “the golden, warm September of my life”.



Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

or call us to regis




Joan Webb

Joan was born in Washington, DC and raised in Patterson, NJ. She married in 1965 and has three children, two boys and one girl. When the children were in Headstart, Joan returned to school. She is a registered nurse in NJ, NY and NC. Joan has worked with deformed and “throw-away” children, alcohol and drug abuse cases and in the home health care field. Joan has nine grandchildren, twelve great grandchildren and four great great grand- children. Wow! She also takes time to be a “Seni

or Buddy” and help The Senior Network.

Volunteer Meetings:

Thursdays, 11 AM

September 8th & 22nd,

203 Capcom Avenue

Wake Forest


(Open to the Public)

Music provided by Algia Motley, Networking, Door Prizes, Favors for All, No Charge

Saturday, the 17th, at 10 AM at 203 Capcom Avenue, WF - “Practicing Good Emotional Hygiene” presented by Lora Felger from FIRST CAROLINA CARE. Joan Webb will share her story.

Monday, the 26th, at the Lodge, 1151 S Main St., WF, 10:30 AM. Philip Carter from NERDS TO GO presents “Top 5 Things Seniors Need To Know About Cybersecurity”. Mike Boone will share his story.

Tuesday, the 27th, at 13345 Wake Union Church Rd., WF, at 10:30 AM. Special Feature presented by John Mainey from Made4Me. Norma B

ergeron shares her story.

There are 4 other “Sharing with Seniors” events in September. They are for residence of Cadence and the Crossings in Wake Forest, the Gardens in Wakefield, and the Grande in Rolesville. Let us know if you would like to help us at one of these.

“Adopt A Grandparent” Program

Perhaps you are a senior and have no family or no family in the area. Or your family is very busy, and you do not have a lot of communication with them. Perhaps you have never been a grandparent. Perhaps you feel lonely, even depressed. This program might be for you!

The Senior Network began in late summer 2021 and has grown very quickly. Seniors need YOU! WILL YOU HELP?


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