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December 2022

Golden Nuggets:

Whether you shop in person or online, all of us are looking for that perfect gift that will make our friends and loved ones happy. We want their eyes to light up when they open our special gift and know that we spent not only money, but our valuable time to find what we believed to be the perfect present.

Year after year, we search for those gifts that will mean something unique to the ones we are buying for during the busy holiday season. We endure crowded stores and spend hours searching on the web for those individual gifts that will bring joy to those dear to us. How disappointed we feel when we cannot find the right size, or that the item we want is sold out due to being so popular. It makes us feel like we will have to settle for second best. It sometimes makes us feel like the whole holiday season will be ruined because we could not get that “perfect” gift.

However, the Bible states in James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” (ESV)

So remember this if your gift-giving seems to go amuck. Your giving is coming from a heart full of love and thankfulness for these friends and family members. Remember to enjoy them all year long.

Who’d A Thunk…..

That a Catholic priest named Gregory Keller (brother-in-law to Bob McCormack of Bobs Candies) would invent a machine in the 1950’s that would twist candy into canes. Since the canes no longer had to be made by hand, this made the candy cane one of the most popular candies for the holiday season.

Remember When……

The green bean casserole was invented by The Campbell Soup Company in 1955.

Bubble lights, aluminum Christmas trees and Barbie were the latest fads in the 1950’s.

Instead of turkey, ham became the main meat choice for a Christmas feast.

Humor Me…..

An eight-year-old under the tutelage of her grandmother was becoming quite knowledgeable about the Bible. Then one day around Christmas time she floored her grandmother by asking, Which virgin was the mother of Jesus? The virgin Mary or the King James Virgin?

December Events

Open to All!

Saturday, December 17th, 10 AM, Hope Hall, 203 Capcom Avenue, Wake Forest. Lora Felger from FIRST CARE CAROLINA is our Special Feature and Doug Mustian shares his story.

Monday, December 19th, 11 AM, the Community Center, Rolesville (504 Southtown Circle). Rolesville Fire Department is the Special Feature.

Both events: Singalong with Algia Motley, Door Prizes, Favors for ALL!


Saturday, December 3rd

10 AM – 2 PM



Stroll on Lower Level

Displays on Upper Level



Discounts for Participants



Ruth was born in western Pennsylvania and graduated from high school in Massachusetts.

She had nurses’ training in Illinois where she worked as a floor nurse and then P.M. Supervisor both in Massachusetts and Illinois.

Ruth met and married her husband in Illiinois and gave birth to two of their three children there.

Ruth was active in her community and in her church and enjoyed caring for her family. She even cared for her mother in her later years.

After fifty-six years of marriage and the death of her husband, Ruth moved to North Carolina to live near her family. Ruth has five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Coming from a family with the love of music, Ruth has sung in choirs, choruses and even has sung and danced on stage in high school. Ruth says her “one claim to fame” was singing with the Chicago Apollo Music Club with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Ruth continues to grow in her relationship with her Lord Jesus and is co-leader of a widow’s group in her church and a leader of a Bible study in her neighborhoods. We are happy to report that she is also a key volunteer for The Senior Network.



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