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February 2023 Newsletter


A Publication of The Senior Network

February 2023

Golden Nuggets

February is often considered the month of love because we celebrate Valentine’s Day with Cupid shooting off arrows of love. However, we also celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 16th) and George Washington (Feb 22nd). These two Americans were known for many different things, but both had one trait that they stressed. They both tried to be as truthful as they could be.

What a marvelous goal to strive for during these times when it seems like there is no one you can trust! Think about how wonderful it would be if you could know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything a certain person told you was the truth. God is that person. The Bible states in Deuteronomy 32:4 - “He is the Rock, his work is perfect for all his ways are judgement: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.” (KJV)

How reassuring to know that God is absolute truth. On top of that He is also absolute LOVE. What an amazing Father he is to His children. Let us rejoice and enjoy

Remember When….

Color television first broadcast in the USA around 1953. It was hard to get hold of a color set even if you could afford one. The American Government banned their sale to conserve materials for the Korean War.

Who’d A Thunk….

Customers would get a refund!

The RCA Victor CT 100 of 1954 was one of the first color TVs for sale. RCA's ticket price was $1000. RCA cut this to $495 later in the same year. They offered customers who bought the first sets a $505 refund as a prelude to introducing larger sets. Two years later RCA sold a 21 inch color set for $495.

Humor Me:

A man walks into a pet store and asks for a dozen bees. The clerk carefully counts 13 bees out onto the counter.

“That’s one too many!” says the customer. The clerk replies “It’s a freebie.”



Mon., 2/20, 11 AM. Rolesville Community Center, 504 Southtown Circle. Special Feature presented by Wakisha High from PACE Senior Community Care of NC.

Mon., 2/27, 10:30 AM, The Lodge, 1151 South Main Street, Wake Forest. Wakisha High shares info on PACE.

Tues., 2/28, 10:30 AM, Wake Union Baptist Church, 13345 Wake Union Church Road, Wake Forest. Special Feature presented by Ronea Smith from READY SET PAINT.

No charge for these events.

Live Music

Door Prizes - Networking

Favors for ALL!

The Second Annual

“April Love” Senior Talent Variety Show”

Saturday, April 15th, 7 PM

The Renaissance

Wake Forest

Tickets: $20.00

Chairman: Judy Davison

February Senior of the Month


Native to North Carolina, Nellie was born and raised in Whiteville. After graduating from high school there, she attended Appalachian Teachers College and Miller-Motte Business School. Nellie worked at Waccamaw Bank for many years.

Having taken piano lessons from the sixth to eighth grades, Nellie plays both by ear and reading notes. She was raised on Gospel music and loves the blues and going to bluegrass concerts.

In 1981, Nellie married an old school master printer, Steve Yancey. She then worked in the family business, CAROLINA PRINTING, which is still in business today in Raleigh. Although she was the bookkeeper and office manager, Nellie did layout, typesetting and made a lot of deliveries.

Having raised three children – Brent, Nan and Leigh – Nellie has found time to write poetry and had one poem published by the North Carolina Poetry Society. She loves book clubs; and when she has time, enjoys long leisurely rides on North Carolina country roads while listening to music on her cassette player in the car.

Nellie performed at The Senior Network’s first “April Love” Senior Talent Show in April of 2022 and plays occasionally at one of TSN’s local events.




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