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March 2022 Newsletter

The Senior Times -A Publication of The Senior Network

Golden Nuggets

When we think about the month of March, many images come to mind: snow melting, new plants growing and undecided weather that is not sure if it’s going to be cold today or warm and sunny.

Green is one of the colors seen as people remember leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and St. Patrick’s Day. You hear phrases about finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and how lucky a person might feel or be. Sometimes we might even become green with envy when we think about someone who seems to be living a charmed life.

However, nobody lives a life free of stress and heartache. All mankind lives in a world full of sin and woe. Daily we face problems that are bigger than we are and need help in finding a solution. You cannot find the right answers by chance.

Answers must come from the only truly reliable source. That is God. Proverbs 16:33 says, “The lot is cast into the lap, But its every decision is from the Lord.” (NASB) This verse clearly states that it is God who is in control, not man.

As we MARCH through this month, think about not taking a chance with your future. If you allow God to direct your path, you will have more wealth than any pot of gold.



Humor Me

A neighbor rushes into Betty’s kitchen and finds her sobbing. “What is the matter?”, her kind neighbor asks.“I am the unluckiest person in the world!” moaned Betty. “I bought a non-stick pan and I can’t get the label off!"


"April Love" Senior Talent Show

Pat Boone, Honorary Chairman

Friday, April 22nd, 7 PM

The Renaissance Centre - Wake Forest, North Carolina

Do you sing, dance, juggle, play an instrument? Are you a comedian, or a magician? Do you have an unusual talent? Then what are you waiting for? Come on out and audition for the show! If you have any questions concerning the show, please contact the show's MC, Algia Motley. Email: Phone: 732-245-2360


Senior of the Month

Alexis Hargrave

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Alexis is currently a resident of Wake Forest, North Carolina. She is the proud mother of two children and two grandchildren. Her granddaughter is in high school and her grandson is in the Army.

Alexis was a Navy wife and spent a lot of time at the Philadelphia Naval Base. She was a Navy Exchange Manager and a Security Manager.

In the early 80’s, Alexis was Operational Manager at Circuit City in Virginia. She moved to South Carolina and worked at Pace (which later became Sam’s Club).

Alexis is a member of New Bethel Baptist Church in Rolesville and started working in the Food Bank there in 2015, becoming Ministry Lead in 2019.


Sharing With Seniors

Saturday, March 19th, 10 AM

203 Capcom Avenue, Wake Forest, N.C.

Helping Seniors With Taxes
Tabitha Lewis from THL Ultimate Solutions

Twice Homeless
Kyle Drewry from Durham Rescue Mission

Are you looking for a place of warm and genuine senior community? Do you desire to be a part of a local elderly community? Then what are you waiting for? We meet every third Saturday of the month for a time of fellowship, fun, and community. Come on out and see what we are all about!

Have any questions about this event? Do not hesitate to contact us at!


Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering, want more information about our non-profit organization, or have a special prayer request, please contact us.

Office: 954-666-2040 Fax: 919-373-8823


Newsletter March 2022
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